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Guided Meditation

The purpose of meditation is to become one with the Source. And the only way you will ultimately achieve that unity is through pure mindfulness and absolute stillness of mind... When you are starting off, you can use myriad of tools like music, mantras, hypnosis etc to help you reach that level of absolute stillness, for it is definitely not the easiest thing to do, but its very important to remember that these are ultimately also a barrier towards reaching the final destination of pure stillness, pure void, pure meditation. Those tools just like a crutch, great when you have a broken leg, but when you are healed, definitely not something you want to hold on to forever.


This 1 hour guided meditation was originally created for the advanced students of the Redefine Your Reality coaching program. Its designed to take the practitioner very quickly into a deep state of meditation only experienced by years and years of practice. 


This guided meditation recording has been blended with real hypnosis inductions used in professional hypnotherapy practices. But that's not all, its also designed in a way that takes the listener every time to a place within where miracles, serendipities and synchronicities begin to happen more than ever before.


The system in this guided meditation program is firmly grounded in clinically proven facts about how the mind can create lasting change in at least four levels: physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.


Price: $29.95




TheNewAgeStore Pic 1"...I am now able to open my heart and mind to receive the answers and guidance that has been there waiting for me all along"


My life has been in turmoil lately due to mental and spiritual struggles. I know I am at a key turning point in my life and have been struggling to calm my mind in order to deal with this "challenge".

The "Miracles Today" guided meditation has been fantastic in making this possible.


Not only am I finding the calmness of mind I need, but I am now able to open my heart and mind to receive the answers and guidance that has been there waiting for me all along.

Thank you so much for this meditation that has come along at this critical time in my life!

Frank J. White



TheNewAgeStore Pic2"I'm full of good energy, full of quiet joy and faith! Amazing!"


Dear Shafin,


I thank GOD for my virtual connection to you. 


From the very moment I found your site - of course, it wasn't an accident at all, I have been guided to you - and started to read, I realized that I'm not alone in this world.


I ordered your book "Redefine Your Reality", started to read and work on it - many interesting things started to happen to me. I created around $10,000, that I needed that time, in one week, after months of thinking that I have not enough money.


When I read about your guided meditation "Miracles Today", I knew immediately that I should buy it and practice it every day. Some voice inside of me told me that it would bring me miracles. And that is exactly what happened to me!


I have not meditated at all in my life before, I did some kind of focused meditation of my own for around 10 minutes. That's all. Now, It is one hour - so much time. My thought was "I have no time to do it..."  So, I decided to find a special time for this. But the next day...


Here the miracle starts. I have always awakened at 9 o'clock in the morning for around 3 years, it was the best time for me. Suddenly the next day I woke up at 6:30 and felt good. I couldn't understand what happened to me, but I did not begin to meditate yet.


The next day when I woke up at 6:30 once more, I understood that I have been awakened for the meditation. WOW! I had no choice - I started to meditate.


On my first time of doing this Meditation, in the middle, I suddenly heard some very quiet voice telling me:


"You become healthy and wealthy. You have work to do".

I said: "I know, but I'm not ready yet".

And the voice said "You will be ready very Soon".


It was AMAZING! What do I feel !? - I'm full of good energy, full of quiet joy and faith! Amazing! I thank you, Shafin, so much for this gift for me!


I know now that meditation is the way to become closer to God! I will do it forever!


My blessings, love and light.


Irene Bergin, Israel


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"Try it, if you are not 100% satisfied, let us know within 60 days and get your full money back within 48 hours".


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